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Car Finance for Blacklisted People

Car Finance for Blacklisted People is Possible and is Available on Application


Since 2008 banks have been very strict on car finance loans. With the credit crunch banks have limited funds available for car finance and thus made it very difficult for someone to qualify for car finance. Financial times have been tuff in recent years and many people have been blacklisted unreasonably. We are here to help you with car finance for blacklisted people.

We have developed a new car finance product due to the new economic circumstances that we are currently experiencing. We also realize that it is impossible to work without a car in South Africa and want to help people with car finance.

So we can help you if any of the follow has happened to you:

1. You have been denied car finance.
2. You are blacklisted by other creditors.
3. You do not have a credit record, due to not having any debt.
4. You have been denied car finance due to being in debt review, administration order or sequestration before.
5. You have missed payments on your accounts before.
6. You are self-employed.

We do check affordability so we will have a look at you budget. So make sure you can afford a new car finance loan.


How to Apply

1. You need to be pre-approved. So send us an email to for application form.
2. You need to select a car form our inventory list and make sure you have R14000.00 deposit for car.
3. You will get an answer in 2-3 working days.
4. After pre-approval, you need to complete sourcing application and pay R3000.00 sourcing fee.
5. With the sourcing application we will need your supporting documents like copy of ID, payslip, proof of address, proof of payment, 3 months bank statements and copy of driver’s licence.
6. You must be able to travel to dealership to test drive car and take delivery.
7. There is a deposit of R14000.00 payable on taking delivery of car.
8. You must have an income of more than R10 000.00 per month.

Car finance for blacklisted people is now available. So the first step will be to email us at this address for application form:

Contact Details:

Chris van den Berg
Tel: 078 065 0264


Contact us by clicking here.

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Great Offer

Jun 17, 2012 by ANGELA

I need a car. Please send me an application. Looks like a good service.

great oppertunity

Jun 16, 2012 by jacques

Please send application form. I`ve got my own business and really need another vehicle. Looks like a great offer you have here. Nice website too.

Car Finance

Jun 11, 2012 by Shaun Moonsamy

Very nice website with great info on car finance for blacklisted people, I will send an email.

Car finance for blacklisted

May 18, 2012 by Stacey

Great to know that I can also apply for a car finance now. I have been unable to get finance for such a long time because of my bad past credit record. Thanks for the information. I will send my application shortly.

Car Finance for Blacklisted People , RSA 5.0 5.0 4 4 I need a car. Please send me an application. Looks like a good service.